Mariana Zapata

Colombian-American travel writer who has worked and traveled around the world. 

About Me

I am a Colombian-American writer and sociologist. I have lived and worked in the US, Colombia, and France, and have traveled to over 20 countries. My interest lie in the cultural aspect of travel, and in the stories of people and places that are often forgotten by hegemonic history. 

I love to write about culture, travel, and feminist issues, but I've covered a wide scope of subjects, ranging from feral monkeys, to surrealist recipes, to 18th century fashion. Besides writing about travel, I've worked at an alternative school, copy-edited for an art gallery, taught English and Social Sciences around the world, and been a domestic violence advocate. I've also mastered the art of karaoke, managed to become a decent tango and salsa dancer, and picked up a few languages along the way.